Friday, March 12, 2010

Swaps - incoming and outgoing!

I haven't been doing a lot of quilting lately - if it weren't for swaps I wouldn't have done much at all! Here are some of the swap projects that have been coming and going in my mailbox:

first the DQS8 that LauraJ sent me:

DQS8 rec'd!!!

I also participated in the Pillow Talk Swap on flickr - here is the pillow I sent to my partner (without the pillow form)-

Pillow Swap sent

I also particapated in a Valentines Swap on flickr in February, here are what I received and sent:

Valentine swap rec'd

Valentines pillow

It looks a lot more red in the picture - it is actually very pink!

I have a few more swaps and valentines projects to show but I will save them for another post.

Just a note - I turned on comment moderation due to a huge amount of spam lately. Hopefully it will stop and I can turn comment moderation off!

Have a pieceful day!