Monday, December 28, 2009

SSCS sent and rec'd

First, here is a pic of the awesome table runner that Kerry sent me in the SSCS:


Here is some detail:


These are the present and goodies I sent to my partner, Lurline:

SSCS extras sent


Another great SSCS! Thanks to Kerry and to Donna for organizing this wonderful swap!

Have a pieceful day!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Where is the time going????

I've been meaning to post for sooo long! It isn't even a lack of things to post about - just a lack of time and energy. The cold I had around Thanksgiving is hanging around and combining with allergies to wipe me out!

I want to show you my SSCS package - here is the ornament that Kerry from Forever Friday sent me:

SSCS rec'd

and here is the package (that we are not allowed to open until Christmas - although my willpower is weakening!) Thanks Kerry - I can't wait to open it.

SSCS package rec'd

Its pretty cool - Kerry was the partner that I sent to in a bag swap last year and now are paths have crossed again with her sending to me!

I've got more to show and tell but I am going to try to do it in small bits each day.

Have a pieceful day!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm Exhausted!

or I was anyway! My son came home from college for Thanksgiving and brought his girlfriend and 3 friends with him. So we had 4 houseguests for the long weekend. They went to the parade in NYC on Thanksgiving and then came back for dinner - twelve of us total. The next day we went to our cousins' for a family dinner and the next night DH and I had a dinner to go to. By the time DS and his friends left on Sunday I was exhausted. I am just now recovering!

I wanted to show you a few pictures before all the Christmas prep starts- I know its already started for most of you - but not here! Knowing I was going to have that many houseguests showering in our one bathroom, which is being remodeled so there are no towel holders or hooks up - I made each guest (and DS) a towel with his or her name embroidered on it and bought one of those old fashioned drying racks. They were instructed to hang up their towel and reuse it!

Embroidered towels

They all seemed happy with their little "favors" and it did keep my bathroom and laundry a LOT more organized.

My friend Karen who is very Martha-like made us this wonderful Cornucopia out of refrigerated breadsticks:

Thanksgiving cornucopia and pilgrims

Isn't it awesome? The little pilgrims on either side I made years ago and lost them. This summer I was cleaning out the attic and found them in a box tucked in corner. I was so thrilled! I love these little things! Here is a closer look -
wooden pilgrims

Okay, Thanksgiving officially over - let the Christmas festivities begin!

Cards, tree, shopping, baking...... where do I start?????!!!!

Have a pieceful day!