Friday, October 17, 2008

Please Vote!

I don't usually ask people to do this kind of thing.... but..... my friend Susan's daughter in law entered Susan's grandson in an online cutest baby picture contest. Her grandson is now in 2nd place and gaining fast. So I offered to post it to my blog to see if any of my readers would be so kind as to place a vote for Kevin.

In the picture he is wearing Lederhosen (sp?) that Susan's parents bought in Germany 35 years ago!

If you do want to vote here's how: click on the link below and vote for Kevin. You have to enter your email address and they will email you a link to either click on or cut and paste into your browser (depending on your email) once you follow the link they send you you will see a screen saying your vote is confirmed. The contest is open until Monday (I think?). You can vote 5 times from the same computer but each vote has to be from a different email address.

Thanks and Have a Pieceful Day!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Wonderful Surprise!

I arrived home from work today to a wonderful surprise in my mailbox! A few weeks ago I had admired a bag Karol-Ann had made and today in my mailbox was one made by her for me!

I ran outside immediately to try to get a good picture before the sun went down. This is still a little dark but hopefully you can see it okay. I just love this bag and it was so sweet of Karol-Ann to make it for me! She also included some African fabrics which I also just LOVE!

My oldest DD was home when I received the package and she was very surprised when she saw the bag. She was even more surprised when she asked who it was from and I told her "one of my quilty friends from England!"

I just love blogland - don't you?

Have a pieceful day!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Where do I start???

Okay, so I went from posting every day (or just about) to not having posted in almost a month! Since we added Dooley Dog (as we've come to refer to him) to our family, my evenings have been crazy. He is 2 years old but he is very puppy-ish. Having lived in a kennel for many many months he is learning manners and is very hyper and happy to have a family. All this means he needs CONSTANT supervision! Additionally, he and our existing dog, Max, are, how shall I say it? they are still in the early stages of their friendship. We have some jealousy issues we are working on. Here they are in one of their better moments (the best actually).

Add to that that work has gotten absolutely crazy and its no wonder I haven't gotten around to posting.

So, I think I posted a picture of the bag I sent to my swap partner in Linda's bag swap but I don't think I ever posted a pic of the one I received. Melinda sent me this GREAT bag and lots of other goodies too. Included in the package was a steno pad cover - which was perfect for me because I use steno pads ALL THE TIME! There was also a seam ripper (always comes in handy) and a pack of fat quarters.

The bag is made from sandcastle fabric and is a nice big size, perfect for all kinds of things, the least of which will be vendor purchases at quilt shows!

Well, I have lots more to post but I don't want to make this too long so I will continue in another post - lots to share - a few projects finished, a class on precision piecing with Sally Collins and more!

Till next time,

Have a pieceful day!