Saturday, June 14, 2008

Friday the 13th!

Okay, so I meant to post this yesterday but the day got away from me - so while you read this, pretend it was posted yesterday, OK?

22 years ago today (also on a Friday) I gave birth to my first child - Happy 22nd Birthday Courtney!!!!

I love you even though you are making me feel old! When DH and I were driving to the hospital 22 years ago we just kept thinking OMG - a baby born on Friday the 13th - if its a boy we'll have to name it Jason! - luckily for us and her it was a girl!

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Thimbleanna said...

You're hysterical -- Jason LOL! Happy Birthday to your baby -- I'm assuming you were a 10 year old mother just like me, 'cause there's no way we're old enough to have kids this old!