Thursday, February 19, 2009

Birthday wishes!

Happy Birthday Sue!!!!

Today is my best friend Sue's birthday! So if you know Sue give her a call, email or text and wish her a happy birthday. If you don't have her info, leave a comment here and wish her a happy birthday!

In other news... well there really isn't much other news! I went back to work yesterday and that was about as exciting as you would expect - LOL! This weekend is our quilting at the firehouse day with the posse so maybe I will have some good show and tell pictures to post on Saturday night or Sunday!

Oh, and is anyone else having trouble with bloglines? Mine is still showing some blogs as new as many as three times after I've viewed them and I don't think it showed my last post as new at all. Is it me or is everyone else having the same issues?

Have a pieceful day!

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