Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Last night I got my Halloween Swap blocks finished and they are all ready to be mailed to Jane at lunchtime today. Not bad considering I did not join the swap until last Saturday afternoon, right? The thing is, I know (and those who know me well know too) that even if I had signed up for this swap back on June 1 when signups began, I still probably would have been doing the blocks very close to the deadline. It seems most of my real productivity only comes with a deadline - which is why I make more gifts than projects for myself. Not that there is anything wrong with making things for others - to the contrary - but I would love to be able to be more productive without the deadlines looming.

I know I am not alone because some of my friends are the same way - I won't mention names - you know who you are! So I want to know - are you like that too? has anyone been like that and conquered the deadline thing - if so, how did you do it? Sometimes I wonder if I should just stop fighting it and go with it - although I've tried the self-imposed deadline thing and didn't fool myself - deep down I knew there was no consequence if the deadline came and went.

So if you've read this far without any pretty pictures to look at you deserve some kind of reward - this is my 99th post. It took longer than I thought it would to get here but here I am. So leave a comment on this post and on my 100th post I will announce a winner and send them a little something - don't know what yet but I am setting a deadline for myself of this Saturday to have something made - so that's when my 100th post will be -this Saturday!

Have a pieceful day!


Karen said...

Whoops! You reminded me that I need to make some swap blocks that are due before too long. I think I will work on them today. See, you inspired me.

Mary said...

Since I am one of those friends who tend to procrastinate and work much better under pressure, will you put my name in the drawing?

Michelle said...

I am a bit of both. Sometimes I put off things until the end and sometimes I am ahead. Part of the problem is that I give myself too many deadlines. Congratulations on your 99th post.

Thimbleanna said...

Happy 99th Caryn! From one procrastinator to another teehee!

Anonymous said...

Hi Caryn -- I think we make more gifts because gifts are definitely more fun to make! As for more productivity close to the deadline, only Ann has conquered that! Florence

Kathie said...

deadlines are good but in reality I work much better without them
I work off of a list of quilts I want to make
I "schedule" my projects
some move around on the schedule but for the most part they done with my schedule in the time I want them too.
maybe you need a day planner just FOR YOU quilting time?
congrats on 99 posts!

sewkalico said...

I make lists. They are sort of flexi-deadlines. Then I lose the lists and make new lists LOL. I like a bit of pressure to get me going, perhaps you do too?
Congrats on the 99. Glad to have met you through blogging!

Nancy said...

I do my best work under pressure...and I am never late....just a procrastinator...

Copper Patch said...

I'm a monty for procratination if I'm not in the mood for what I am doing. My best friend Jo will celebrate her 31st birthday on October 6th, if i get her quilt (that i have been working on for three years) to her the day before that day, then I'll be happy :) She probably will be too!
A little bit late for something fantastic is good.
Happy sewing,