Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Helloooooo There!

I discovered quilting blogs shortly after Megan started hers and quickly became addicted. Feeling somewhat like a stalker reading and commenting without having one of my own, I've been tempted to take the plunge for about a month. I was further enticed by the Civil War Diary blocks everyone seems to be doing and then the Sew Many Blocks web-ring pushed me into the pool!So now I have the blog... I have the book... I have the fabric... an hopefully by tomorrow night I'll have some blocks done. I also need to work on taking pictures that are not so dark. I don't know if it shows in the picture, but out of the 60 or so fat quarters behind the book, almost all are blue or brown - I am in desperate need of pink, red, green and gold - so if anyone has an abundance of any of those colors and would like to swap - please let me know!


Ann J said...
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Ann J said...

Hello Caryn! Welcome to Blogland! I am fairly new to blogging myself, but loving it!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Caryn!

I came from Sew Many Blocks webring. I am also the member of this ring and start making CWDQ soon.
Hope you will enjoy this exciting quilters' blogland!!