Sunday, April 6, 2008

Feeling Overwhelmed

Not much quilty stuff to show from this week. Earlier in the week I got some Civil War Diary blocks done - I have 30 done now, which is pretty consistent with my original goal of 3-4 per week.

Yesterday was our "quilting day at the firehouse" - when our LQS closed, we needed a place to get together and socialize since we wouldn't be seeing each other at classes, etc. so a few of us on the Ladies Auxiliary of the fire dept. arranged to begin a fund raiser - every month or so we get together, everyone brings a food goodie of some sort, their machine and something to work on. We charge a nominal fee and so far every month a good time is had by all. I worked on what I thought was going to be a quilt for a baby shower for a friend from work - but once I got the blocks together (sorry, no pictures yet) I realized it looked to boy-ish, and she does not know what she is having so I wanted something more neutral. I have a few other quilts I could make for her and add this to the UFO pile save this one for someone else. Last night some of the posse and our DHs went to dinner together - a good time was had by all there too (and more than a few bottles of wine!)

Today I had to prepare for a trial tomorrow so while I read my evidence packet I sat in front of the embroidery machine and changed threads every few minutes. I got 4 more leaf blocks done for the rag quilt, something for the guild and a secret goodie for Ardis to go in the package with her Abe head (I had a delay getting her address and then a crazy week last week so the package is going out tomorrow!).

Which brings me to my state of mind today - I'm in one of those moods when I feel like I have way too many projects started and don't have the time to get a substantial amount done on any of them. I have at least 3 tops that just need the blocks put together and they can go to the longarmer (or get added to the 7 tops I have ready to quilt myself). I have several handwork projects going, another few quilts started that I am still working on the blocks, including the Civil War and Dear Jane, the rag quilt, an I Spy, a baby quilt, graduation quilt and tote bag gift that I have yet to start, not to mention a bunch of other projects I have ready to go that I haven't started yet. I really should just pick one project, work on that till its done, move on to another and do the same, etc. etc. until I am through the list. But I never seem to be able to do that!

Anyway, thanks for reading my rant. I know I am not the only one that feels this way sometimes because I've read similar laments on other blogs! I am going to try really hard not to start anymore new projects (other than the already planned gifts) until I get a better handle on this stuff. Does anyone have any tips or advice for how to get caught up? Has anyone ever gotten caught up?

I guess I should get off the computer and go work on one of my handwork projects tonight.

Have a Pieceful Day!


Thimbleanna said...

Oh, yes indeedy -- I do share your frustration. It's just so hard not to start something new though because there's such eye candy all over blogland and so many fun ideas. Good luck with your plan to stick to one project until it's finished!

Mary said...

If you find a way to just start one project and keep on track until it is done, please clue me in -- ha ha! Seriously, I totally understand as this has been my state of mind for several weeks. Each morning I leave the house with every intention of quilting when I get home from work and every night it is the same - too tired and stressed to even think about it. Remember, you can always call me to cheer you up -- I have nowhere near as many DJ blocks or CW blocks completed :)

Have a Great Day!

Carin said...

Sounds like you need a HUG! I totally understand that overwhelmed feeling. I am always mad at myself cause I have all these projects with deadlines coming up quick and no one to blame but me.

Wendy said...

I'll never get caught up. The quilts with deadlines get done first and then the other squeeze in somewhere. Your plan to finish one and then keep moving is the only advise I can give.
Good Luck!

Sonnja said...

beautiful blocks!
Kind regards

Beertje Zonn