Monday, April 21, 2008

Is it Monday already?

Why is it that the weekends go so fast and the workdays don't? It's been kind of crazy busy around here lately - more so than usual - more chaos than pieceful! Work has been consuming much more time than usual, including a 12 hour day last Sunday which also happened to be my wedding anniversary! Even family commitments seem to be ramped up lately - many weddings, showers, funerals, etc. in the past few months and more (weddings and showers - hopefully not funerals) coming up in the next few months. All this means very little quilting time lately and not much hope for a lot in the weeks to come :(

Mary and I did go on our own mini shop hop yesterday and then to dinner with the DHs. I picked up a few patterns and fat quarters.
I also did manage last week to sneak in some work on a small simple baby quilt for someone at work - it just needs borders and quilting so I'll wait till its done to show it here.

Have a Pieceful Day!


Wendy said...

Well at least if there isn't enough time for sewing, you can get in some shopping. You picked up some really cute patterns. Good luck with the busy times.

Karen said...

I have the Lori Smith pattern that you just purchased. She makes the prettiest quilts. Hopefully you & I will both get it made some day.
Sorry that you aren't getting your proper sewing time. I am now retired and still don't have enough time for all my projects that I want to make.

Cheryl said...

Some great goodies there! If we just didn't have to sleep, then there would be more quilting time!