Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I've Got Mail!

When I was a kid I just loved getting mail - of course what's not to love when the only mail you get are birthday cards and other types of cards? Maybe some magazines. A letter from a pen pal. Then I got older and the bills outnumbered the fun mail. The daily trip to the mailbox just lost its excitement. But.... every now and then... there is a surprise waiting - like yesterday... when there was an envelope from Joan with over 20 fabrics for the I Spy quilt I am working on.

It was just such a nice surprise after a long day. Of course when we walked into the house we had another surprise waiting for us - our dog Max apparently had some, shall we say, stomach issues, during the day - several times. So DH and I spent an hour cleaning up before I even got a chance to look through the fabrics Joan sent - but when I was finally able to sit down and do so - it put the pleasure back into my evening! Thanks Joan!


Anonymous said...

Yeah! You've got goodies!! so have I! Thanks, Caryn!!

Laurence said...

I like your blog. I have nominated you for an award as a blog that´ brings me inspiration and makes me appreciate the blogosphere´. Now it´s your turn to do the same for 10 others who inspired you if you want.