Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's been how long since I last posted?

Ahhhh! I can't believe I haven't posted since July 7! I was reading another blog yesterday where the author hadn't posted in over a month. She said that every day she had blog posts in her head - somehow she just never got them from her head to her blog. Same with me. Its not for lack of wanting to post -- and it doesn't take that much actual time to post. I think I just need to make it a habit, a part of my day. So I am challenging myself to post every day from today until Labor Day - Sept. 1. They might not all be long, or interesting - LOL! or have pictures (but I'll try my best) but I will post.

By my calculations, if I post every day between now and Sept. 1, that should bring me to my 75th post right around the same time. So I'm planning a little giveaway for my 75th post - don't know what yet but I'll keep you updated. Every comment between now and then will get entered - I figure your comments will help keep me motivated to post! So those of you that read but don't post - take the plunge and leave a comment! You don't need to have a blog to leave a comment. There is a tutorial out there on how to leave a comment - I will find it and post it later or tomorrow - or if someone knows where it is - leave a comment here with the blog address please!

I am also going to try my best to spend even 15-30 minutes a day stitching. My UFO list is not getting any smaller and in the summer I typically get a lot less quilting done - so even small snippets of time should help. If find myself not wanting to start new projects because of the guilt of the unfinished ones. So its time to get them done - or at least some of them - LOL!


Thimbleanna said...

I neet to come up with a plan for working on projects everyday too -- this computer keeps getting in my way! If you post every day I won't be able to keep up with you!

Lynne in Hawaii said...

Hope to help you with your challenge. I enjoy your blog.

Karol-Ann said...

Cute cat!! You know I am still getting compliments on your pear!! It's gorgeous!

Chookyblue has a comment tutorial:

I have also been a bit slack posting, but summer is just so busy with school holidays etc..