Wednesday, July 30, 2008

PIF Received!

I arrived home from work today and my Pay it Forward gift from Linda is in the mailbox! She sent this beautiful stitching organizer.

Just to see how it would look with the 3 ring binder, I put my Quilting Journal in it - doesn't it look great???

I was just thinking last week that I have to get started on my Pay it Forward gifts. If I remember correctly I still need a third person to sign up - any volunteers????

Lots of great giveaways lately - May Britt is having a giveaway to celebrate her 2 year blogging anniversary. She is giving away a beautiful stitchery book.


Marilyn R said...

What a lovely stitching organizer! I received my PIF from Linda too. Such fun! I've got to get going on my PIF gifts too!

Linda said...

Your journal looks lovely in it Caryn, glad you're happy with it.

Karen said...

I like your pear.

May Britt said she had 300,000 visitors. How would one find out how many people visit one's blog??

Finn said...

Hi Caryn, just popping in to say hello and thank you for stopping by at Pieces. It's always nice to see a new face. That's a really lovely PIF gift you received. Lots like it will be very useful as well as pretty. Hugs, Finn

Karen said...

Caryn, Thanks for the SiteMeter info. It took me awhile (didn't read the instructions!) but I figured it out.