Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I realized I never posted a picture of the pincushion I made for Linda's pincushion swap.

The pattern is from Crabapple Hill Studios - I love their stuff! I really need to make myself one of these. This one went off to Karol-Ann in England. I love that Linda paired everyone with someone from another country. The swap was so much fun that as much as I tried to resist and spend all my time working on some of these UFOs, I caved and signed up for Linda's bag swap. Oh well, this IS a hobby and it IS supposed to be fun right? I'll save the guilt trips for work!

Speaking of bags, there is a FABULOUS bag being given way on this blog. So stop by and enter to win - but also leave a comment asking for a pattern!

Have a pieceful day!


Linda said...

I just adore this pincushion. Glad you caved, as you so kindly put it, I'm sure you'll have loads of fun.

Thimbleanna said...

Very Cute Caryn!

Marlene said...

I love this pincushion which I first saw on Karol-Ann's blog. Thank you for posting the information about the pattern. I must checkout Crabapple Hill Studios.