Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Come Sail Away....

DH is away this week so I've been getting a lot of machine stitching done in the evenings. When he is home I tend to do more handwork in front of the t.v. Last night I put the binding on the Brown and Pink Take 5 and did some stitching in the ditch on this sailboat quilt. Tonight I did the free motion quilting on it and now its ready for binding! I really like this quilt. I made one for a baby shower last summer - the theme was sailboats so when I saw this pattern it was a no-brainer. I was so pleased with the way it came out I bought some extra fabric and made one for myself to keep! This will probably be hung in either my kitchen or my office for the summer. Notice the capsized boat in the middle row? That's my favorite part! (Don't worry, the crew was unharmed and another boat picked them up).

So that is two quilts quilted this month so far. I have about 9-10 quilt tops in need of quilting and in January I set a goal of 2 per month. I met my goal in January but in February didn't get any quilted. Since I have two done this early in March I'm thinking maybe I can get two more done and catch up.

I haven't done any more Civil War blocks - I think this weekend will be a marathon session for those. I did do my first Dear Baby Jane block - forgot to take a picture though. I will post it to the flickr page tomorrow.

Thanks for the well wishes for Max - he is feeling better and is pretty much back to his old self - except for being depressed because DH is away. He hates it when anyone (especially DH or DS) is not home and sits by the sliding glass door looking out to the driveway until they get back.

Have a pieceful day!


Teresa said...

Your sail boats are so sweet and sounds like you are doing a good job on your quilting. Thanks for your suggestions on my Christmas Beauty quilt. I tried to email you but keep getting some kind of Pop3 error message.

Marilyn R said...

I too do major quilt-a-thons when hubby is out of town too! I just love your sail boat quilt!!!!!! Such charm!

Thimbleanna said...

Very, very cute. And thanks for letting us know that all the sailors are safe LOL! You're making great progress -- can I send my quilts to be quilted to you??? Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

I love your sail boats quilt so much! Your machine quilt line is so cute and I like the star quilt lines on the border. Very charming!!
I'm glad to hear about Max being better.