Monday, March 3, 2008

One Sick Puppy

I am behind again on my Civil War Diary blocks. I had the free motion foot on the machine to quilt this Take 5 quilt. I set the machine up for quilting one night during the week and then did not get to it. Here is a pic of the Take 5 quilt. I pieced this quilt over a year ago - I fell in love with the fabrics and wanted a quick pattern to put them in. It is for the back of the couch - just in time for Spring - oh well, it will get a lot of use next year - or over the summer when DH freezes me out with the AC! The colors look a lot nicer in real life - don't know why that didn't translate in the picture.
Yesterday morning DH and I had to take our dog, Max to the vet. He is having trouble walking and was visably in pain. He has also been steadily losing weight. He had a negative test for Lymes Disease back in November so now they did more blood work and I have to bring him back next week for an X-ray and more blood work. They did give him an anti-inflammatory to relieve the pain -which seems to be working. Although he is is not back to his old self he is able to walk without pain now.

Last night I also started quilting another quilt so tonight I plan to finish quilting that and then maybe even get a Civil War block done - or maybe a Dear Jane block - did you notice the Dear Baby Jane button on my sidebar? I must be out of my mind. And I wonder why I never seem to get anything finished???? Oh, well, the point is to enjoy it, right?


Anonymous said...

I still like this brownish/purple and pink combo. This looks so cute for spring!
Poor Max, hope he will feel better.

Thimbleanna said...

Awww, poor Max, I hope it's nothing serious. You might definitely be out of your mind with the Dear Baby Jane -- but I'm so envious -- I'd love to play!

Mary said...

Both of us are out of our minds --- it wasn't bad enough we took on the civil war blocks. We had to sign up for the Dear Baby Jane as well -- if I can only decide on the colors.