Sunday, March 9, 2008

More Dear Jane

Yesterday I machine quilted the little quilt for DH's coworker's new adopted daughter and also finished two Dear Jane blocks from our Dear Jane group last week. Thursday's block from the Dear Baby Jane online group was one I had done previously so no need to do that one!

I also cleaned up and organized my sewing space. I don't have a room dedicated to sewing - I steal space wherever I can throughout the house for storage and my machine is set up in a little room/hallway off the living room. It can get very messy very fast if you let it and with no door to shut and hide it that is not a good thing!

My hand has been bothering me for a couple of weeks and is getting worse. I think it is some kind of tendinitis. When I tried to hand sew the binding on the baby quilt I was in a lot of pain. I made an appointment at the doctor on Wednesday so until then I think I will be taking a little respite from stitching - especially hand work.

Have a pieceful day!


Wendy said...

Just became acquainted with Dear Jane and am very interested in starting my you have any suggestions as to the best way to get started? Thanks

Thimbleanna said...

Could it be arthritis? Mine bother me sometimes and most notably when I'm doing a binding -- there must be something in the way we hold the fabric to stitch it down. Love the blocks!

Verry Sherry said...

1. I have not Dear Jane project in mid air--am I missing out on something?
2. welcome to "sew as and where you can"--same here: would love a dedicated sewing room!

hope your hand is feeling better.