Friday, March 7, 2008

It's a Boy

My best friend Sue is a grandma! Her first grandson made us wait till a week after his due date but was born on his great-grandma's birthday making his arrival all the more special! I stopped at Sue's last night on my way home from my Dear Jane group to give her this pillow I made for her - it's been ready since the beginning of January and I've been dying to give it to her but was waiting for the actual birth. The stitchery is a pattern from Bare Roots. The pillow I kind of made up my own pattern for. The fabric comes from fabric Sue used in the baby quilt she made for the baby shower.

Funny story about the pillow: when the posse went to Quilt Fest NJ last weekend, at one point Sue called me over to a vendor booth she was shopping in and said "look at this pattern, isn't it the most adorable thing?" well, I looked down - and it was the pattern for this pillow! I thought I kept a pretty good poker face but she told me last night that my facial expression made her suspect that I had already made it or was making it for her! She didn't say but I'm sure when I (and the others we were with because they all recognized it too) didn't encourage her to buy it (because that's what friend's DO at a quilt show, isn't it - pushe you over the edge when your on the fence about buying something?), that must have clinched it. Good thing I don't play poker, huh?

One quilty note about the pillow - this was the first time I used my new ruffle foot for my machine. I bought it back in November at a quilt retreat when one of the posse was sewing with one and we all ooh'd and ah'd - and of course what were we to do but run to the local machine store (which happens to be 5 minutes from the retreat site) and all buy one for ourselves! I loved the way the foot did a ruffle and I think I will be making more quilted or stitched pillows for baby and christmas gifts this year.

Have a pieceful day!

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Mary said...

The pillow looks great and I am happy to hear that Sue likes it. I have yet to use my ruffler ....