Friday, March 14, 2008

Injury update and Show and Tell

Can I rant for just a moment? I leave work early on Wednesday afternoon to go to the doctor for my hand - drive the hour commute home from work, get to the doctor's office only for them to tell me that they have me in the book for NEXT Wednesday. Now, I have a trial on next Wednesday so I know I would not have made the appt. for that day - plus I wanted to get in there asap to see what the issue was with my hand. Not only that, but they were "double and triple booked" so they could not squeeze me in. They put me in for the next day (yesterday). So I go back yesterday and he tells me pretty much nothing I didn't already know "there are a lot of muscles and tendons in the thumb area and it could be any of them - take an anti-inflammatory for 7-10 days and come back if you are still having a problem." Well, I could have learned that from the internet. As a matter of fact, since it was already hurting for over two weeks - I've already done that! Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention - on Wednesday it started to hurt less than it has been and when I went to the doc on Thursday it was hardly hurting at all. So I guess I'll just be glad that it seems to be going away and I'll try my best not to do too much hand sewing for the next week or two.

Notice I said "hand sewing"? I have noticed that with the exception of rotary cutting, it does not seem to bother my hand to machine piece. So that's what I have been doing - more Civil War blocks.I also did this week's Dear Baby Jane blocks. I did have to do a little hand applique but like I said the hand was feeling a little better so I figured I'd try it.

Since it seems like all I've been doing is blocks lately, I thought in commemoration of DD's first Lacrosse game (actually its only a scrimage) today I would show a quilt I did a few years ago when she was starting high school. The picture doesn't show it very well but in some of the smaller blocks there are embroideries (I had them done at a local shop that does the jackets, etc. for the sports teams - no embroidery machine back then) of the different sports in our high school. The center block is the school mascot - the Viking.

It was an old pattern from Quiltmaker magazine that I had saved. They have since reissued it as a pattern but I still had the old magazine from 10 or 15 years ago with the pattern. The pattern called for applique but I decided to do the embroideries instead.

Have a pieceful day!


Teresa said...

I am so sorry about your doctor's appointment - that has happened to me before too, and I even had the appointment card showing I was there on the right date. I hope your hand will soon be better. Great job on the blocks!

Carol said...

Doctors, doctor's offices...YUCK! They drive me your blocks.

Judy said...

Can I share my thumb injury? I had carpel tunnel for quite a while and it started to settle into my thumb, was always so messed up and hardly usable. Same as you, got meds for inflammation and the like, then one day it just froze. I couldn't lift it up and that was that. Went in and said DO something. Ended up with them knocking me out and cutting the tendon that thingy that runs down the thumb...called (and the spelling is wrong) DeQuiverns release or something. Best thing ever to have happened. yes I had 2 weeks of recovery, but I haven't had one bit of trouble since with either the thumb or the wrist.

Hope yours gets better soon. Just wanted to share in case it goes on forever with no's something you can ask them about.

Dawn said...

Your civil war blocks are wonderful! And so is the HS quilt! I like that idea!

Danielle said...

I love the Viking quilt. I was just hunting for a pattern that would make good use of 9-patch blocks. That bit of embroidery really makes it sparkle.

Hope your hand feels better soon!

Lily Boot said...

Your blocks are lovely - what a marvellous stitcher you must be sewing such complicated and fiddly blocks with an injured hand! I particularly like your block Enthuasism - your colours are very pretty.