Sunday, March 2, 2008

Opening Day!

This is what DH thinks of when he hears "opening day"...

This is what me and the Quilting Posse think of...
The first quilt show of the year!!!!

Yesterday the posse (that's what Mary's husband calls it - if I wrote what MY husband calls it I'd undoubtedly offend someone - so we'll stick with posse) headed out to The Quiltfest of NJ.

Six of us set out bright and early (the 7th was ill and couldn't go - we missed you Ann!). We had a scare on Friday night when they were predicting 4-8 inches of snow into Saturday morning but when we woke on Saturday the snow had stopped and there was only a couple of inches - and the roads were clear.

As always, the quilts were awesome and the vendors did not disappoint either. We all did our part to stimulate the economy. (I'll post pics of some of my new goodies later or tomorrow).

After the show we headed to a great Chinese restaurant and had a great dinner - there was a huge lazy susan in the middle and we put our plates on it and spun them around so everyone could try each other's dishes.
A day spent with good friends at a quilt show and then out for a great dinner - what could be better after a long winter!

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Mary said...

I agree -- it was a great day all around! Love the analogy between opening days!