Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Driveway? or Used Car Lot?

We are halfway through the week of having all three kids home and this is what my driveway looks like:

8 cars total! Mine, DH's, DD#1's, DD#2's, DS's old car, DS's new car, DS's girlfriend's car and my neice's car (she came to visit for a night). It was so crowded this morning there was no where for the woman we carpool with to park her car! Any of you that have had kids come and go to college can just IMAGINE what my living room looks like this week. DD has brought all her stuff back and DS is gathering stuff to take with him. On top of that I might as well install a revolving door because someone always has a friend (or 3 or 4) stopping by. It is really great to have everyone home and I know I'll miss DS and his girlfriend when they leave, but it will be nice to get the house back to normal.

I did have a package waiting when I got home today. I've been wanting to get the tumbler and thimble templates that Megan, Kathie and Mary have blogged about, so I finally ordered them along with a dresdan plate template also.

I plan on cutting shapes from scraps and when I have enough I'll start putting them together. I like long term projects that are intended to be long term projects - so much less guilt when they turn out to be long term projects!

Have a pieceful day!


Lynne in Hawaii said...

The driveway picture is a hoot! Thanks for sharing. Smart girl about the long term projects!

Thimbleanna said...

Hey! You took a pic of my driveway a few weeks ago. And your living room probably looks like the way the kids left their bedrooms. Needless to say, tomorrow there is lots of cleaning scheduled -- finally!

Karol-Ann said...

You should have printed out for sale signs for all the kids cars LOL!

country log cabin quilter said...

I just started cutting out tumblers for a long term project. I like the way you think! I'm going to try to use mostly reproduction fabrics, but will use some that at least have the look that might pass for reproduction - if you get what I mean. Good luck on your long term project!