Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Grown Up College Students?

A few weeks ago I was going to a baby shower and made up a quick little blanket from flannel and minkee. DS and his girlfriend were here and fell in love with the minkee - "oh, make me something with that!" they begged. So about a week before they left for college, DS's girlfriend saw some flip flop fabric that I had lying around. (She is the recipient of the flip flop quilt I showed a couple posts ago). She asked if I would make her a pillowcase for her body pillow out of minkee and the flip flop fabric.

This was right about the time I posted about the quilt shop being open only till 5 during the week. I wasn't able to get the minkee until the day before they left for school and there was so much else to do the pillowcases didn't get made. But I finished them this weekend and they are being shipped today. Oh, did I mention that it was originally supposed to be one pillowcase for DS's GF - but when we went to the quilt store to get the minkee, DS saw the dinosaur fabric above and asked for one for himself too.

Have a pieceful day!


Thimbleanna said...

What a lucky girlfriend! And so fun that the kids love the things that you make for them. I worried when I sent the kids off to school that they might not like "homemade" stuff, but they all seem to love it! I need to try some minkee -- who doesn't love that???

Marilyn R said...

The pillow cases look great! I hadn't thought of adding minkee to a pillowcase. Sounds like a great idea!

Mary said...

They look great! I guess they never quite grow up :)

Carin said...

You are so nice to make such lovely things for your DS's GF!