Sunday, August 3, 2008

Is the Weekend Over Already?

Why is it Saturday and Sunday seem to be the shortest days of the week? I don't know if its because it is summer or what but the weekends just seem to go faster and faster! Maybe it just means we are enjoying our weekends more - as in time flies when you're having fun!

Today DH and I went to a local winery with one of the posse and her DH. We go to this particular winery every 3 months or so. They have a wino club and every three months we go to collect our quarterly selections. We saw this guy wandering outside in the grass and occasionally in the pavillion where the wine tasting was.

We usually have a much bigger group and make a day of it but today it was just the four of us. Mary belonged to the club first, she and her DH got me and my DH to join, then we brought another posse member, who then brought her son and his girlfriend, and so on and so on... I guess our group is getting large now as even the winery staff today asked where the rest of our crowd was!

Have a pieceful week!

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Karen said...

What beautiful colors! That guy would make a good applique project. I am awarding you the Brilliante Weblog award! You can see my post for more details.