Sunday, August 31, 2008

This 'n That

This picture is the view (from my beach chair) of our lake. We live in a lake community, unfortunately we do not own lakefront, but we do have access to 5 different lakes. We haven't been getting to the lake as much as we'd like to lately, between other plans on the weekend and weather that doesn't always cooperate, but it is nice to get there when we do. One of the lakes is much bigger than the rest and is suitable for kayaking, rowboating, canoeing, sailing, etc.

This is another of those weekends that we will not get to the lake. Yesterday we had the fire dept. picnic and then headed out to Pennsylvania to a goodbye party for my nephew and his wife who have been stationed in Okinawa (sp?) for the next 3 years. Today and tomorrow we have been invited to BBQs.

All I can say is it is probably a good thing summer is over. I have to get back to some serious quilting. My wishlist of projects to do gets longer by the day. In addition, there are quite a few people on my 'to make quilts for" list - my nephew who is graduating college, his sister, who just graduated high school, their parents who are celebrating an anniversary this year - my SIL "hinted" that she would like a quilt for either her birthday or anniversary this year, also one of my best friends "hinted" that she would like one too. And last night at the goodbye party the same SIL asked me to make her a totebag for Christmas (maybe she's given up on the quilt!).

First, though I have to get my bag for Linda's bag swap finished and mailed. I am a little behind on that one but I should make the deadline! It's a good thing I have a quilt retreat and a week's vacation coming up in a few months!


Marilyn R said...

Isn't it amazing how that wishlist of quilts that you want/need to make grows over night? Mine sure does!

Thimbleanna said...

If you figure out how to get all those projects done I hope you'll share! I have a growing list too and I'm no longer amused by "hints" LOL!

Carin said...

Wow that is beautiful!