Thursday, January 1, 2009

Lazy New Year's Day

We are all having a very lazy New Year's Day here. DH and I went to dinner last night with a group of friends. This is our annual New Year's Eve ritual - an early dinner at a restaurant that does not have "seatings" and limited menu. This year's choice did have a limited menu but there were lots of choices and it was very good.

It is 4pm here which is hard to believe. We slept late and have pretty much just hung out with DS and his girlfriend before they head back to school tomorrow.

Thought I'd share a funny story - my youngest DD turned 18 last week just before Christmas. Early this week she called my cellphone while I was at work. I missed the call but called her back a few minutes later. She said not to worry about it now - she had been in a store and needed her social security number and my maiden name to get a "discount card" for the store. It didn't take long to realize that it wasn't a "discount card" they wanted her to apply for - it was a credit card - for which she would get a discount on her purchases that day or something like that. After I explained this to her she said "oh, its a good thing Icouldn't apply - that could be dangerous!" NO KIDDING!!!! Being that she works only 8 hours or so a week and is still in high school, I'm hoping she would not have been approved anyway but these days you never know!

Since I hate to have a post without a picture, here is a (not so great) pic of the x-mas tree napkins I made this year. I made a bunch for myself and about 24 of them for a friend.

I guess maybe I should add photography lessons to my 2009 resolutions! Seriously, I do plan on learning photoshop and publisher this year - I might just look into a photography class too!

Have a Pieceful Day!


Julie in the Barn said...

Hi Caryn
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have yours on my feeds list already. I'm glad to see you have resolved to post more often. Good luck on all your other goals for 2009. Very ambitious but you can do it.

Marilyn R said...

Your Christmas napkins are adorable! Have a Happy New Year!

Thimbleanna said...

Those napkins are so cute -- I've always wanted to make some. Have you really only been blogging in 2008??? It seems like I've "known" you longer. Happy New Year!