Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Online Journal Class & Other stuff!

First off - is anyone else's bloglines being a pain? I keep getting the same blog posts coming up as new and sometimes it shows 200 new posts for one blog!
BOTH of my computers have been acting up this week so I have not been able to post - although I had a bunch I could've posted about! Last Friday I received my first lesson for my online journal class - can I just tell you how hard it was to sit at work all day Friday when I wanted to be home playing with fabric and paper? So last Saturday I got the cover done and today I stayed home because of weather and did the pages - it has a few more things that need to be added but it's 90 % done.

I did some dry embossing on some of the pages and used some rubber stamps of inspirational quotes on some of the pages. So far I am loving this class. I have a bunch of ideas for more variations of this journal - all I need is more time!

I didn't get to post my Loser Monday report - my weight stayed the same which I expected because I haven't really moved into the "trying to lose" phase yet - but I did do very well on the eating breakfast front and wore my pedometer most of the week.

I also bought a new book and a pattern and got another installment of the pincushion of the month from Quilt Fabric Delights - again no pics though - mostly due to the computer problems - it took me so long to load the journal pics I gave up - hopefully I will have that worked out very soon!

Have a pieceful day!


Thimbleanna said...

Very pretty journal Caryn. I especially love that embossed flower!

Anonymous said...

WOW Caryn -- that is absolutely beautiful!! And your fabric choice is just perfect -- can't wait to see it in person. I was thinking about you today hoping you were able to stay home and sew. See you soon -- Florence

Mary said...

I love the journal! Wish I could have joined the class but know I don't have the time. What new book and pattern??? Oh man, I leave the country for a few days and you go shopping without me. Then to add insult to injury you casually mention it on your blog but don't give any titles! Can't wait to catch up with you now that I am back in the USA.

Marlene said...

I did had similar problems when I used bloglines. I use the Reading List on the Blogger Dashboard now and like it quite well.

Your journal is beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing more of what you do with it.